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Xander the Therapy Pug

There are, unfortunately, a number of stories out there about wonderful pugs who have found themselves in accidents or ‘looked after’ by humans who never deserved such a great pet, and sometimes these stories end in tragedy and sometimes, they can find great homes with wonderful people. And sometimes, these stories have very happy endings indeed.

Meet Xander. Have you ever seen a happier pug?

xander pug

Xander had an accident when he was young, which meant that his eyes had to be removed. The charming pug was then adopted from Klamath Animal Shelter in Oregon, by Rodney Beedy, who already has seven other pugs,  in January last year. Rodney immediately fell in love with Xander and was able to spot his potential straight away.

Xander is now helping out people of all ages in his community as a certified therapy dog. He has the perfect temperament as a dog that is often surrounded by people and children; he is very calm, loving, gentle, and gives special little kisses, instead of big slobbery ones. As he is such a wonderful dog, he now works with ‘Klamath Lake CARES’, an organisation that provides care and help to children who have suffered abuse, as well as the Klamath brnach of ‘Hand and Words are not For Hurting’ inbetween his regular visits to local daycares and schools.

Xander provides some much needed love and comfort for children who may never even have experienced such things before, making them feel more comfortable and at ease before an investigation or being seen by a doctor.

The world would be a much better place if there were more dogs, or people, like Xander. He really highlights how much unconditional love pugs can give us. Rodney also says that he doesn’t act like he is blind at all, but runs around and plays as normal with all the other dogs.

xander pug suit

Check out his very own Facebook page here.

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