Should You Put Your Pug On A Raw Food Diet?

Raw Food For Pugs

You want the best for your dog especially when it comes to their diet but how do we as owners know what is best?

One suggestion is to only give your pug raw food, but is that best or even safe? Take a look at the pros and cons of feeding raw food …

Holistic vets I know (including yours truly) have long felt that feeding raw, meaty foods is the best way to help ensure long-term and whole-body health for dogs of all ages. Veterinarians report that after starting a meat-added diet, many dogs shuck all sorts of diseases, including arthritis, obesity, skin and gastrointestinal conditions, and immune-related diseases. In addition, many dog owners report that dental conditions (especially tartar accumulations) go away, and their dogs seems to have more vitality. Some dog owners even report a change in behavior from an anxious or aggressive dog to one that is more calm and relaxed.

In my own experience, if I can convince dog owners who are reluctant to home-prepare all their dog’s meals to just add a bit of raw meat (1 tablespoon per 10 to 20 pounds of dog) to their dog’s diet on a daily basis, many of the diseases I’m trying to treat with my “doctor magic” magically go away. Raw meat is the single most effective “remedy” I have used, which I admit, sometimes makes me feel a little insignificant.

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Raw Dog Food Video

Here is a video showing the types of raw food this owner feeds his dog …


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