See How Easily Your Can Microchip Your Pug

Microchipping Your Pug
Microchipping Your Pug

Microchipping has become more popular and continues to grow in popularity partly due to the fact that pugs and other breeds of dog have become more expensive.

Here is what one vet has to say about microchipping …

Microchipping Your PugMicrochipping has become more common recently and it’s a very good thing; millions of pets go missing every year and the use of microchipping makes those disappearances much less likely. In fact, many shelters and rescue groups have made it mandatory and include it in adoption fees.

In this quick and easy, and not terribly painful process, the veterinarian uses a needle to insert a tiny microchip under your pet’s skin, most often between the shoulder blades, the same place where you put his topical flea treatment. This little microchip has a number and a scanner can pick up that number should your pet go missing. This procedure can be done to most pets that have the potential to be lost.


Video: Dog Being Microchipped

In case you were wondering whether you or your dog would be upset when being microchipped watch this video as they discuss and demonstrate the procedure.

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