Rob Zombie’s Pug Dracula

Dracula the Pug owned by Rob Zombie

Dracula the Pug owned by Rob Zombie

Scary singer Rob Zombie owns a black pug named Dracula.

In 2005, on www.menshealth.com, Rob says that his pug Dracula is his “stress barometer”.  When Rob gets angry, Dracula is the one thing that calms him down as the pug is very hypersensitive.

“If Dracula thinks someone is in a bad mood or fighting, he will freak out”.  We think Dracula is one cute and special pug.

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie (Robert Cummings) is an American musician who found fame in the 1990’s as a founding member of the heavy metal band White Zombies, who formed during the mid 1980’s.

He has also released five studio albums, five compilation albums and a live album as a solo artist.

Rob has broadened his career from the music industry into the film industry by directing ten films to date which include: House of 1000 Corpses (2003), Halloween (2007) and most recently The Lords of Salem (2012).


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