Pug’s Winter Coat

As we have mentioned many times recently, the winter weather seems to be getting more and more pronounced as the days go by. In the UK, we are certainly starting to see more ice and some snow in places, but we know that a lot of places in the US have a lot more severe weather this time of year than we usually get!

We wrote a previous post about preparing pugs for cold weather, knowing that a lot of pugs stubbornly refuse to step outside if there’s any white stuff on the ground. Like us, pugs can be especially vulnerable to the cold if they are puppies or at an elderly age, so it is very important to wrap them up and keep them nice and warm!

There are a lot of doggy coats and jumpers available in a number of shops, so we thought we would find some to take a look at.


Zack and Zoey Nor’easter Pet Coat

red coatThis coat seems like it would be great for playing around in the snow; you won’t loose site of your pug when they are wearing this bright red number and the coat also has reflective strips, so you can be sure to spot your pug, even if the light starts to fade. The outside is waterproof, perfect for the snow, and the underside is a soft fleece material to keep your pug nice and toasty. The only concern about this coat, is that some of the reviews mention that the chest and neck fastenings can be a little snug, which is a concern for pugs.

Ruffwear Climate Changer Fleece

ruffwear orange coatThis fleece looks very well made and appears as if it would fit very well to the pugs body, allowing a free range of motion without straps or anything getting in the way. Similarly to the previous coat, this is also very bright and has the addition of reflective strips. This fleece also has the addition of a light loop, where you can securely attach a safety light. This fleece would do a good job at keeping the cold at bay, but it does not seem to be waterproof, so might not be suitable for playing in the snow.

Petparty Dog Coat

top gun coatThis coat looks like it was made so your pug could look like an extra from Top Gun, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does also look like it would be incredibly warm and cosy. It covers the front legs and the back legs which is great for extra warmth, and also has pop button closures, so it is much easier to take on and off. Not only is this snuggly coat waterproof, but it is also lined with soft fleece and features a fur hood, and seems like such a bargain!

East Side Collection Sherpa Dog Coat

sherpa coatIf this coat came in human size, I might buy one. This looks exactly like the sort of coat you might imagine people wading through blizzards in, just to go about their daily business, while still keeping cosy inside. Apart from looking the part of a perfect winter coat, this has velcro straps so it is very easy to fasten, and even has a hood! Again, this one doesn’t seem to be waterproof, but would you make a compromise for something this snug?

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