Pug Toys

We have mentioned quite a few times about treating your pug and we all know how much they love to be pampered. But it is important to remember to keep your pug happy and healthy at all times, so don’t become too heavy-handed with the treats!

Sometimes it can be difficult for pugs owners, and all dog owners, to find a way to keep your furry friends happy and to stop them becoming bored or lazy. Everyone knows that pugs are extremely food motivated and love to explore and stick their little face in anything that stirs their curiosity, not to mention how they love to gnaw away at things!

We are getting a little bit exasperated with Snookie this week. She still insists on chewing her way through our lovely sideboard in the kitchen and as much as we love to play with her, it’s not very practical to watch her and try and keep her away from it every moment of every day. We have come to the conclusion that the millions of toys she has are clearly not entertaining enough for her anymore, time for some new toys! But which ones would be most entertaining for our little pug?


Nylabone Wishbone dog Chew Toy

nylabone wishboneI like the idea of this because it is flavoured and has little bristle-type things on it, so it should keep Snookie a bit more interested if it resembles food and, as a bonus, it helps clean her teeth! Nylabones seem very popular and it has hundreds of good reviews, but there are one or two that say it can break apart or splinter, which does concern me a bit…

Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

hide a squirrel toypug with hide a squireelI think this is the cutest dog toy I’ve ever seen. Snookie has loved other stuffed toys we’ve bought her in the past and I’ve heard pug owners say their pugs love this toy, so she should have great fun with this. The squirrels are squeaky, which increases puggy’s playfulness and digging the squirrels out increases their problem solving skills. This comes in a few different sizes and you can even buy replacement squirrels for when they become a little worse for wear. I love the sound of this toy so far, I might even get one for me to play with!

Classic Kong Dog Toy

kong toyI had to include a Kong toy on the list of possibilities. They seem to be so popular and nearly all of their toys have great reviews, but as we’ve never had one before, I think I’d better start with the original. These seem like good all-round toys to me; they bounce unpredictably, making the dog chase them, they can be used as ordinary chew toys or you can put treats inside that will keep a puggy busy for a while!

Coleman Stegosaurus Dog toy

dinosaur dog toyYou don’t see many dinosaur shaped dog toys and, as I mentioned before, Snookie loves stuffed toys, so this should go down a treat. I’m usually a bit hesitant at buying stuffed toys, always thinking that the stuffing will come out and might get swallowed, but this toy has reinforced seams and quite a few of the reviews have said how surprised they are at how long it has lasted. Anything that doesn’t get destroyed in five minutes is always good!

I’d love to get Snookie a really good quality dog toy that will last a while and that she will enjoy playing with, without getting bored too easily. Have you bought any of these toys in the past? What would you recommend?

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