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Pug Meetup Group Holds Annual Swim Party in Staten Island

Pug Meetup Group holds annual swim party in Staten Island

Pug Meetup Group holds annual swim party in Staten IslandStaten Island’s Bill and Jodi Kronheim have recently hosted the 10th annual Pug pool party.  This event was attended by more than 20 people who brought their pet Pugs.

The Pugs were the stars of the annual August back-yard tradition which included swimming and fine doggy dining.  There was even a cake that looked like a Pug.

The annual event started when members of Staten Island Pug Meetup Group decided that their meeting site at Silver Lake Park was too hot in the middle of the summer.

Mrs Kronheim says that “People really get into it.”  One attendee of the event even made Pug-shaped lollipops.

“We just dunk them in the pool if it’s too hot. They’re good for a couple hours after that,” said Kronheim, as a pair of pugs took a dip with their owners.  The rest played together in the yard as folks enjoyed lunch.

“We have people in our group that have come every year. They don’t miss it. It’s great,” said Mrs. Kronheim.

The pug may be small but it’s full of personality, and each is different, said Mrs. Kronheim.

Mrs Kronheim believes that Pugs are like children and that only a special kind of person can be a Pug lover.

Attendee Brian Johnson from Arden Heights came to the event with his Pug Chewie.  He said that the event “was hilarious”.

You can read more about the Staten Island Pug Meetup Group and Annual Pug Party.

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