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Pug Meet-Ups

Pugs at Cafe
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Getting our pugs to meet up seems to becoming more popular as we can see from the events below.

As every pug owner knows these are also excuses to make new friends and discuss everything pug!

Guildford Pug Meet Up

Pug owners reunited for Guildford’s third meet-up on Sunday (January 8). The event, held in Stoke Park at 11am, got off to a flying start with around 40 pooches strutting their stuff. Owners looks on as their pugs sniffed, played and attempted a challenging agility course.
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As well as meet ups there are some cafe owners who realise the benefits of catering for dogs and their owners …

Dog Cafe in Kyoto

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This pug café in Kyoto might just be the best thing you’ll see today.

Although animal cafés are almost normal to Japanese people, the concept is uncanny to those who are just visiting the country. While you might have heard of famous owl and cat cafés, this pug café is another attraction that deserves attention on its own.

If you happen to find yourself in Kyoto, be sure to include a place called Dog Salon Living Room in your itinerary. This is a special café that is exclusive for pug and human interaction.

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If you know of any cool pug meet ups in your area or venues such as the ‘Dog Cafe’ in Kyoto let us know in the comments below.







  1. Lodovico

    January 10, 2017 at 1:05 am

    There’s a very sweet pug meet up every first Saturday of each month at 14.00 in London’s Green Park, nect to Buckingham Palace. A true Pug Heaven!

  2. Mariyam

    April 4, 2017 at 12:39 am

    Houston has a pug meetup the first Saturday of every month at Danny Jackson bark park

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