Pug Gift Guide

Usually, all the products or features we showcase on this website are for pugs. While they absolutely deserve all the lovely things, it might be about time that us humans are treated to some fabulous pug goodies so we can display our love of these crazy animals that manage to take over our lives.

Pugs seem to have taken off recently in the world of apparel and accessories, with cute pug prints popping up in various retailers, on everything from pyjamas to make up bags. With Christmas just around the corner (don’t be a Grinch, it’s closer than you think) now is the perfect time to take a look at some of the awesome pug clothes, accessories, homewares and more for you to give the pug mad person in your life, or to add a few to your Christmas list.


The Classic T-shirt

pug tshirt               pug tshirt black

These t-shirts featuring large animal faces seem to be popping up a lot recently; there are cat ones, almost every breed of dog, tiger ones, monkey ones and even sloth ones, but the pug ones are obviously the best. There’s even a lovely black pug one. Providing you get the correct size, t-shirts are presents that always go down well, and what better than one with the recipient’s favourite animal on it.

Pug Umbrella

Pug umbrellaAt first glance, an umbrella may seem like a slightly boring gift, but this particular one would definitely change that. Everything from the classic walking stick style, to the simple pug silhouette print, just exudes a certain elegance. This understated gift would be great for someone who is not as flamboyant about their love of pugs.

Pug Earphones

pug headphonesThese little earphones are another understated but quirky gift for a pug lover. Everyone knows how headphones and earphones are very easy to lose, or become tangled up and broken, so earphones are a great gift that will always come in handy. These particular ones would be lovely for younger pug lovers or teenagers getting their first MP3 player.

Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers

pug salt shakersThese are definitely the cutest salt and pepper shakers we have ever seen; they are even magnetised so they kiss! These black and fawn pugs would look at home in any kitchen and would make a great start to a novelty salt and pepper shaker collection! There are also similar ones available such as bride and groom pugs, pugs dressed as chili peppers and pugs in mugs.

Pug Cosmetic Bag

Pug cosmetic bagThis cute cosmetic bag would be a very unique make-up bag or wash bag for any pug lover. It is lined inside so it won’t pick up any stains from make-up products etc. making it very durable and a gift that the recipient is sure to use for a long time.

Pug Travel Mug

Pug travel mugEveryone knows that person who is always on the go and is so hard to buy presents for or you can never pin them down to actually exchange gifts. This insulated travel mug is perfect for that busy pug lover; a little understated and professional looking, this is a great gift to keep their coffee or tea warm while they are jetting around the place.

Pug Ornaments

Pug Ornament 2                 Pug Ornament                   Pug Ornament 3

No pug themed gift guide would be complete without a look at some rather beautiful little pug Christmas ornaments. These are so cute and would add something quite unique and magical to your usual Christmas decor, and there are even more variations available online. Black pugs are a bit under-represented when it comes to pug clothes and accessories, so it is lovely to see that there are ornaments featuring black puggys. Each of these would look perfect hanging on the tree, or even sitting on a coffee table or mantlepiece. They might have to be some sneaky pre-Christmas treats for ourselves…

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