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Pug Confectionery

We are in a food mood here at the Pugington Post and after our post about the home made puggy treats, we thought that us humans deserved a bit of a treat as well. Who doesn’t like a treat every now and again?

What do you get when combine pugs with treats? A very clever and tasty piece of confectionery. What could be better? We picked out some of the most delicious and beautiful looking pug creations we have discovered around the internet.


Cute puggy cupcakes.

pug cupcakes


Doggy birthday cake.

pug bone cake


Perfectly pug shaped.

pug cake


Giant pug head. Watching you.

pug cake head


Simple cake pop pugs.

pug cake pops


Very realistic pug cake.

pug cake realistic


Pretty little pug cookies. You can find a cutter like this on Amazon.

pug cookies


Colourful arty pugs.

pug cookies colour


These are some very talented cake and cookie makers. I think it’s time to get the supplies in and attempt some of these awesome designs.

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