Preventing Your House From Smelling Like a Dog

We all love owning a dog and they make wonderful companions, but an unpleasant smell in your house isn’t one of them.

If you’ve noticed the unmistakable smell of dogs or if your friend has started to avoid breathing through the nose at your house it’s probably time that you actually took action and did something about it.

The good news for you is that fighting dog smells isn’t actually that difficult so what want to do is ask or is give me some ideas of how you can get rid of dog smells in your home.

Before we go to the chips here is there an important disclaimer from this website please make sure that any of the products that you use a dog friendly because many chemicals that are okay for as humans may harm your pet shop please don’t use any products unless you think they are absolutely safe for your dog.

Regular Washing of Your Pugs Bed

This is the easiest as a solution of all. What material is your pugs bed made of, can it be machine washed, remember what ever material your pugs bed is made of it stores the odour and this builds up over time.

By removing the cover and putting it in the washing machine it will keep it fresh and keep your house smelling fresh each day.

Change Your Dogs Bed or Cover

Our dogs spend a lot of time in their beds so they can become one of the smelliest places in the house. Whilst you can continue to wash the cover on the bed on a regular basis an alternative might be to buy a bed with anti-microbiol properties.

These types of  beds and covers all agreed solution but they aren’t cheap. You can see examples if you click here … 

Groom Your Pug

Washing and grooming your pug regularly won’t necessarily get rid of the smell forever but can certainly help reduce it.

By cleaning your dog regularly there are other benefits such as removing dead skin cells and this helps get rid of bacteria so your dog is cleaner, more hygienic, and over time smell healthier.

So  grooming helps your dog smell nicer and just as importantly makes it a healthier dog.

Use An Air Purifier

In the tips above we were looking at solutions around your dog or the dogs bedding. From now on, we are going to look at what else you can do in your home.

A quick fix, is to buy an air purifier with a carbon filter and this can reduce odours. By buying one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the tips that we covered above but it will help the whole of your house and the rooms that it is used in smell fresher.

One thing to note, air purifiers with carbon filters are an excellent way to reduce odours, however, the filters need regular cleaning as they can become clogged with dog hairs.


We all love our pugs. Which is why we tend to let them lie and sleep where ever they want in our homes.

This means they’re on your sofa, on your chairs, on your cushions, and anywhere else you allow them to lay down in your home.

A quick fix is to vacuum everything with a good quality vacuum cleaner.

Anywhere your dog sleeps is an opportunity for odour to build up. In the list below will also talk about cleaning these areas of your home.

Carpets and Beds

In the same way that your dogs bedding retains orders so does your carpets and your bedding throughout the house.

This is why a good and quick solution to get rid of odours in your home is to clean your carpets and bedding with natural products.

Any item such as carpets, bedding, cushions, curtains, all of these are materials that can retain odour and there are plenty of products on the market that can help you clean these materials and get rid of the dog odour.


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