Preparing Pugs for Cold Weather

The nights are definitely drawing in and those who live in cold weather areas can definitely feel a persistent chill in the air; some areas have already had a falling of snow. We all know what these winter months mean; turning the heating up, putting the summer wardrobe away, stocking up on de-icer and digging out the cosy slippers and hot water bottle.

snow black pug

What about our furry friends? The winter months can be difficult for them too and a little preparation for your dogs, as well as yourselves, can benefit them greatly during the cold and snowy seasons. Some dogs have adaptations that help them during cold weather, such as Huskies, who have thick pads on their feet, as well as coarse hair to help protect them. However, pugs are rather unsuited to the snow and need some help.

Staying warm. It goes without saying that all dogs should be kept warm in cold weather and never left outside in freezing temperatures, but as pugs are smaller dogs they can tend to feel the cold a little more. You should think about buying a winter coat or jumper for the puggy to give a little extra protection. You might also think about making your walks a bit shorter, so your little pug isn’t exposed to the cold for too long.

Look out for ice. Just like people, dogs can easily slip on a patch of ice and injure themselves or even break a bone, especially if they are elderly. If your little puggy gets excited about something and pulls on his leash, then he could pull you on to the ice and you could end up injured too.

Protect their little feet. Cold can be a problem for little paws, so booties can be a good idea as they protect against the cold and injuries. If your pug refuses to wear any booties, then you can use a little paw protectant on the pads of their feet, or natural cooking spray has the same effect. You also need to make sure that no snow becomes matted in the fur between puggy’s toes, as this can become very hard and cause abrasions. To prevent this try clipping the hair between the toes and applying some Vaseline there so the snow can’t stick.

Prepare for your return. Before you head out for an adventure in the snow it would be useful to put some warm water and clean, dry towels by the door so you can properly clean and dry your pug, and yourself, to make sure they quickly warm up and don’t feel the chill for longer than necessary.

snow pug

Playing in the snow with your pug can be a great experience filled with hilarious and heartwarming (and very photogenic) moments, but remember to keep them protected and as warm as possible. If your pug finds they do not like the snow at all, then do not force them to go out, and if they even refuse to go to the toilet in the snow, then try shoveling away a little pathway from your door to their usual area.

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