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Mobile Network Three Now Using a Pug in Television Advert

Pug just got serious

Pug just got seriousMobile network Three’s new advert now features a Pug dog.  This advert follows up from their previous popular dancing Shetland Pony. 

The new advert, featuring a Pug wearing a blue hat with a pink and white cake on top, promotes Three’s pay as you go deals.

The tagline in the advert “Pay as You Go just got serious” aims to highlight the new “3 2 1” price plan, offering customers calls for 3p per minute, texts for 2p and internet for 1p per megabyte.

This is a significant time for the mobile phone industry in the UK, with the companies O2 and Vodafone getting ready to launch their 4G tariffs at the end of this month, whilst Three is not planning to upgrade to 4G until the end of the year. 

This latest marketing approach from Three is part of a broader strategy to put a new focus onto their brand instead of merely emphasising the value of their tariffs.

The Pug seen in the advert is a fawn coloured female names Mabel.  Her owner says that whilst shooting the advert, Mabel “had a brilliant time” and that “she was thoroughly spoilt by everyone”.

There has been mixed reviews about the advert since it has been aired on UK television, with some viewers saying that watching the advert makes them “feel uncomfortable” and that it is wrong to dress dogs up.

Despite this, there has been positive feedback on Three’s advert and Mabel the Pug’s television appearance, with one viewer saying that “dressing up dogs is harmless fun, if the dog finds it rewarding.”

You can watch Three’s latest advert below.

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