Leonard and Robin

Robin Williams is one of the most well known funny men in the world and has an impressive and varied career spanning more than 30 years. He soared to stardom with hilarious and iconic roles like Mrs.Doubtfire and Jumanji, then proved his acting chops with roles in Good Will Hunting and Insomnia. More recently you can see him in the Night at the Museum films and his new TV show The Crazy Ones with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

While being well known for his funny side, Robin Williams is also known for his big heart and in 2010 he opened his heart to a rescue pug who he rechristened Leonard.

robin williams

Leonard, originally called Flannery, was born in to care at Curly Tail Pug Rescue and was the only survivor of a litter of pups born to his mum, Clementine, who was rescued from an awful puppy mill. Leonard was not a healthy pup at his birth and required constant care for the first two months of his life, which the rescue happily provided, nursing him to full health.

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Leonard grew in to a happy, loveable, playful puppy and Robin worked with the rescue centre for months in order to secure his adoption of little Leonard and eventually gave him a forever home in March 2010. What an awesome ending for an awesome little pug; I don’t think any dog could wish for a more caring and fun-loving home. Robin seems besotted by Leonard, frequently posting photos of him on Twitter and Instagram. He even takes him on the set of his new show.

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