How to keep your home smelling pug free

It’s no secret that, if you own a dog of any breed, your house can sometimes become a little pungent. Our furry friends can bring a variety of odours in to the house with them; bad breath, trailing mud, damp fur and not to mention little accidents if they are still being house trained.

Over time, you might become desensitized to the puggy smells in your house, the same as you would with your perfume or air freshener, but your guests and visitors will notice any odour they are not used to and will be able to tell you have a dog as soon as they walk through the door.

Of course, everyone cleans their homes regularly, but with a four-legged friend in the house, you might need to add a few things to your cleaning routine. The volume of shedding from pugs certainly doesn’t help!

Here are a few tips that could help keep the doggy odour at bay.


The vacuum cleaner is your new best friend. Most people will regularly vacuum or sweep their floors to clear up everyday dust or crumbs, but it is even more important to do this if you have a pug, in order to stop dog hair settling and building up. It is a good idea to vacuum at least everyday in order to combat the amount of hair a pug produces! You should also look to vacuum your chairs and sofas; even if your pugs are not allowed on the furniture, their hair is still sure to find it’s way there. If your floors are carpeted, it can be difficult to extract all the hair from the fibres. Use a rubber brush, like this one, that will drag and gather up all the hair from the carpet.

vacuum pug

Mopping and wiping. After vacuuming thoroughly, it is advisable to mop all your floors, even if they do not look especially grubby, using a disinfectant safe for pets. Doing this will eliminate surface bacteria, which most often is the cause of lingering odours. If you have carpet flooring, you might think about buying carpet shampoo, or having it cleaned professionally, to really lift the odours out. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it will make!

Check your air filters. It might surprise you how much dog hair can get caught in your air conditioning filter. Consider changing your filters about once every two weeks, not only will this stop as much hair collecting in the filter, it will also allow the air to flow more freely and make your home smell fresher. The build up of excess dog hair in your filter could also cause some damage to your a/c.

Don’t forget the bedding. If your pug’s bed is his favourite place, then there’s a good chance this is causing a strong odour to linger throughout the house. If the bed is made of a washable fabric then hand wash it in hot water and dog friendly soap, then spray with dog friendly scent. Always make sure the bed is thoroughly dry before you put it back down for your pug. If you have a plastic bed, then scrub and disinfect with dog friendly product every few weeks.

bath pug

Bathe your dog. If your pug smells nice, then it goes without saying that your home should smell sweeter too. Dogs can carry odours, as well as dirt and mud, on their fur, which isn’t always visible; bathing them once a month ensures that none of this remains on the dog to cause irritation or unwanted smells. Bathing your pug will also help to get rid of some excess hair before it finds it’s way to the sofa. You must make sure to always use dog friendly shampoo and be mindful if your pug has any allergies or skin conditions that may require a special shampoo.


As always, this is merely general advice and opinion. We are not pet care specialists (or professional cleaners!) and you must immediately seek the advice of your veterinarian if you dog is any harm or distress.

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