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Hank the Pug Beats Back Stress

Stressed Pug
Hank The De-Stressed Pug

Not only is January the month after Christmas and New Year, where most people have spent all their money, have to go back to work every day, and can no longer eat chocolate and mince pies for breakfast, but in the UK, it is also exam time.

A lot of schools and universities will sit exams in January, either mock ones to practice for the summer, or ones that conclude the modules that ended at Christmas time. Needless to say, these exams can be very stressful for any student, no more so than university students who might face delaying their degree if they do not pass, so coping with this stress is something most students could use a little help with.

Enter Hank.

exam pug hank

Hank the pug was employed by the student association at Glasgow Caledonian University. He was scheduled in for a 2 hour session of intense cuddling this month to help students relax a bit and de-stress from the monotony of exam month. Having something as cute as Hank to ‘oooh’ and ‘aww’ over would go a long way to relaxing even the most highly-strung students, and that is certainly what he did after approximately 70 GEU students attended the ‘Hug a Pug’ day. Good boy Hank!

Also in the UK, in the University of Leicester, a petting zoo was arranged to help students combat exam stress, including animals like pygmy goats and Shetland ponies. We’re not jealous at all.

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