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We recently discovered the story of two lovely pugs, located not far from Pugington Post headquarters in Newport, South Wales, and wanted to share their story with you.

Elly and Franky are four year old pugs who are inseparable. Fawn coloured Elly is blind and Franky has taken on the role of her guide dog. The pugs were found together, being housed in terrible conditions and were nursed back to health by the RSPCA.

elly guide dog

Elly will sniff the air to locate her friend Franky and then nuzzle in to him to follow him wherever he goes. Franky helps Elly find her way on walks and when they’re playing, but he also helps lead her to food and water as she can’t find it for herself.

elly guide dog 2

Both pugs required operations before they could be re-homed and the RSPCA stated that there was absolutely no choice of them being re-homed separately, as they have both come to depend on one another and it would break their hearts to be separated.  Franky is said to be boisterous and playful, while Elly is affectionate and cuddly; the perfect pair!

We are pleased to say that they were successfully re-homed as a pair and are now very happy in their new permanent home. We would have adopted them in a second if we had known!

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