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Gift Guide for Pugs

A little while ago we put together a small gift guide full of wonderful pug themed gifts and apparel that would have been a perfect treat for any pug lover (or yourself!).

While everyone deserves to have as much pug in their life as possible, around this time of year it’s only natural that our minds turn to buying gifts and presents for our puggy friends, as well as our human ones. After all, they are just as, if not more, caring than our human friends; they are always there for you to give you a cuddle or make you laugh as part of the family.

Every pug deserves a little something at Christmas time, so they can join in with the festivities. Thankfully pugs aren’t as fussy as some humans…  here are some ideas that would be great for any doggy pal.


K&H Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

dog bedThis very comfy looking pet bed is the perfect present for your pug to give them a rather luxurious Christmas. The bed is even made from a special two layer material that reflects body heat back to your pet, making it self-warming. Perfect for the winter months! It looks extremely plush and comfortable and the stuffing is even made with recycled plastic bottles, so you can feel good about buying it too!

Pawsitively Gourmet Doughnut Cookies

dog doughnut cookiesWe know that you should never give your pug sweet treats made for humans, but these are special doggy doughnuts made from real chicken liver and topped with yoghurt, carob and yummy sprinkles. While you are tucking in to your lovely Christmas dinner this year, spoil your puggy a bit and give them one or two of these delicious treats. It is Christmas after all!

ZippyPaws Hide-and-Seek Holiday Toy

squeaky christmas toysChristmas morning isn’t the same without a new toy to play with and this toy is perfect for a fun Christmas morning with your furry friend. This is the same principal as the hide-a-squirrel toys that we love, just with a bit of festive flavour thrown in. We are sure any pug would love digging out the squeaky reindeer and Santa Claus on Christmas morning!

Jingle Bell Dog Collar

jingle bell collarJingle all the way through the festive season with this very Christmassy dog collar. This dog collar comes in different sizes and specifies the lightweight bells will not bring any weight to your dogs neck at all. These are perfect to wear all through the holiday season, not just Christmas day. Imagine puggy bounding through the snow, jingling as he goes!

Uhome Doggy Christmas Jumper

christmas dog jumperEveryone likes to look their best on Christmas day, and you absolutely must wear something you received as a gift. Your pug can too with this adorably seasonal jumper. If your pug is comfortable with wearing doggy clothing, then this Christmas jumper will make sure they are in the festive spirit along with everyone else. It is easy to put on using the handy snaps, not pulling over the head, and will definitely keep puggy warm all day long!

Dog Treats Stocking

rawhide stockingOf course, no doggy Christmas would be complete without the traditional doggy treat stocking. These types of stockings are available in thousands of stores around the Christmas period, in such a huge variety of treats and nibbles, that it wouldn’t be right to pass one without thinking of your pug at home. This particular one is full of rawhide treats, which means that your pug can enjoy them while cleaning his teeth at the same time!

Whatever you decide to buy your pug this Christmas, we hope that both of you can enjoy the festive season surrounded by friends and family and have a great time. Merry Christmas!

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