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Get “Pug’d-In”. A New Plug-in Which Replaces All Pictures on Websites with Photos of Pugs

Puggin Plug in

Puggin Plug inPrincipal and founder of Rock Candy Media, a PR and marketing company in Austin USA, Annie Liao Jones has created a free Google Chrome plug-in which replaces all pictures on websites with a photo of a Pug.

She decided to create this plug-in after she saw Ryan Gosling featured on New York Times homepage.  This was done by a plug-in which turns every picture on websites into a picture of Gosling.

Jones decided she wanted to see how quickly her company could create something similar.  The result is Puggin.it.

“It was his second day of work,” laughs Jones who tasked Rock Candy’s newest programmer Joe Wanko with the assignment. With no parameters given, Wanko and team took just four hours to create, code and put the “pug-in” up for download on the Google Chrome app website.”

Original Source Puggin Plug-in.

You can download the Puggin plug-in and transform all pictures in your Google Chrome Browser here Puggin.it.

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