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Cleaning a Pug’s Wrinkles

There is no mistaking a pug. Even if you aren’t particularly a pug enthusiast, you will more than likely be able to identify a pug on first glance; they are a pretty unique animal. One of the things that makes the breed stand out (and incredibly cute) are their wrinkles.

wrinkly pug

A pug’s wrinkles are mostly located around their nose and forehead, and because they have such a flat face, wherever they feel like sticking their curious little noses in to, also means sticking their entire head in too. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of dirt and grime can find it’s way in to these delicate folds of skin on a pug’s face, not mention getting hot and sweaty, which can lead to a foul smell and dangerous infections if not thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning a pug’s wrinkles is a fairly easy process, depending on how cooperative your pug is, and it is something you can do at home with little equipment and without an expensive visit to the vet. Making for a happy pug and a happy owner.

Before you begin cleaning the wrinkles, make sure you and your pug are in a comfortable position and you have easy access to all sides of their face. Then simply take a soft, clean and damp washcloth and wipe back and fore across the area between the folds of skin. Use your fingers to help spread the folds so you can thoroughly clean all areas. If you encounter a particularly stubborn or ‘crusty’ piece of dirt, simply wet your cloth a bit more and hold it on the dirt until it loosens and you can wipe it away.

wrinkle clean pug

After you have thoroughly cleaned all the wrinkles, take another soft, dry cloth and go over the wrinkles to make sure you haven’t left any excess moisture behind, as this can cause more problems for the little puggys. The folds of skin must be completely dry.

There are special dogs wipes available that you can use for cleaning pug’s wrinkles, which are easy to dispose of afterwards, but a damp cloth works just as well. No matter what you use, make sure you clean your pug’s wrinkles at least once a week, or ideally everyday. If you notice any rashes, sores or foul smells around your pugs face then you should take the little guy to your veterinarian right away.

As always, this is merely general advice, we are not qualified pet care specialists and you should always consult a professional about the health and well being of your pet.

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