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Can You Contain Your Pug’s Tongue?

Pug Tongues
How Long Is Your Pugs Tongue?

We all love pugs for their gloriously quirky behaviour and unique personalities. One aspect of which is their tongues.

Pugs tongues seem very much out of proportion, when compared to the size of the rest of their bodies. Most pug tongues often reach up to lick their little noses, and will probably extend to the top of their head, not to mention the number of pugs who simply can’t seem to keep their tongues in their mouths, and leave them constantly flopping out at various lengths. That’s why we love them!

We think it’s about time we celebrate pugs’ tongues as they are; another wonderful part of a pug. As always, we can rely on Buzzfeed for a good list, and this one is perfect to help us get better look at them tongues…

Click on the picture to see the list.


buzzfeed tongues screencap

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