Brushing a Pug

There aren’t many dog breeds out there that shed no hair at all and there aren’t many dog breeds out there that shed as much hair as a pug. Anyone who owns a pug will already know that they shed an incredible amount of hair that will find it’s way everywhere; on the couch, in the bed, in the car, even if your pugs don’t go there…

If you don’t yet own a pug, you do need to be aware of the amount of hair that they produce. It might be a misconception, that because pugs are small short-haired breeds, they do not shed or moult as much as larger or long-haired breeds, but this is definitely not true. This factor might be off-putting for some potential pug owners and it is important that you are aware of it beforehand so you do not become disillusioned or the little puggy doesn’t have to find another home.

The amount of hair may seem a bit overwhelming to some, but it can be managed. There’s not much you can do about the actual amount of fur your pug sheds, but if you vacuum once a day, you should be able to keep hair around the house to a minimum. Another way to minimise hair around the house is to regularly brush your pug. A good brush will release all the loose hairs and stop the puggys leaving a trail of it wherever they go. It is a good idea to do this outside (if it’s not raining), to stop getting any more hair in the house, or vacuum immediately afterwards.

There are a huge variety of brushes available at all pet stores and we had a little scout around to find the best ones available online.

Kong Zoom Groom

kong zoom groomKong products are extremely popular and probably the dominant brand with all things pet related, so we had to include one. This brush is made of silicone and seems like such a simple way to de-fuzz a hairy little pug, plus as it’s made of silicone it is super easy to wash. This brush has great reviews and a lot of owners also say it’s great at bath time to help massage and lather the doggy shampoo.

Furminator De-shedding Tool

furminator brushFurminator is another brand that seems to be popular in the dog grooming sector, however, i think this brush does look a little scary; sort of like a window scraper but sharper. Despite the scary looks, this product does seem to do the trick according to most of the reviews, however, there are some concerns that this is a fake product and not a genuine Furminator article. I’m not too sure I’d be willing to take the risk with my pug.

JW Pet Company Gripsoft Brush

JW pet company brushThis brush follows the same principles as the scary Furminator brush, but manages to look a lot more friendly and how I would expect a traditional grooming tool to look. This product specifies that is useful for extracting loose hair from the undercoat which is a plus for fawn pugs! However, some of the comments do state that it seems to be more effective on longer hair, so it might not be perfect for a pug.

Sergeant’s Groominator De-shedding Tool

Sergeants groominator brushAgain, this brush does scare me a little with talk of blades, but may be I’m just a little sensitive? A lot of the reviews compare this directly with Furminator products and suggest that this one comes out on top, not just in use but in price as well. Plus there are lots of reports of both dogs and cats being quite content to sit and be brushed without a struggle.

It is useful to regularly brush your pug, or any dog, to not only reduce shedding but to keep their coat shiny and healthy. Most dogs will probably be against the idea of sitting still for a good brushing, so it is important to get them accustomed to it from a young age, or if it is too late, try brushing for short periods of time at larger intervals and slowly increase the duration and frequency of the brushing so your dog can get used to it and will know it’s not going to hurt them.

We are not qualified veterinarians and only offer this information as general advice we have gathered from caring for our own dogs. Please seek professional advice if you have any concerns for your pet.

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