Brix Smith with Pugs Pixie and Gladys

Brix Smith with Gladys and Pixie

Brix Smith with Gladys and PixieFashion expert Brix Smith owns two adorable Pugs named Gladys and Pixie.

Gladys and Pixie are most likely the two most famous Pugs in the UK.  They have both appeared on Channel 4’s Gok’s Fashion Fix along with owner Brix.

The two Pugs are so famous that they even have their own twitter page.

You can view their twitter page here: Gladys and Pixie


About Brix Smith

Brix Smith is an American singer, guitarist and television presenter.  She is best known for being part of The Fall (formed 1976) as the lead singer.

In 2002, Brix, along with husband Philip Start, launched an East London Boutique which has now expanded to four boutiques plus an online store.

Brix has appeared on many television shows which include: Gok’s Fashion Fix (Channel 4), Top Dog (Animal Planet UK), The Culture Show (BBC Two), The John Peel’s Record Box (Channel 4) and Angela and Friends (Sky 1).

In 2011, Brix appeared as a fashion expert on Sky’s coverage of the Academy Awards.

Recently, Brix has commented on fashion as part of Channel 4’s coverage of Royal Ascot.

Brix Smith Supports Dogs Trust


Brix Smith Takes Gladys Shopping for London Fashion Week 2012


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