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Blog Find – Grubbin’ Pugs

Do you like food? Do you love pugs? Well, who doesn’t…?

Food and pugs go hand in hand, everybody knows that. The writer of the Grubbin’ Pugs blog has combined these two things to create a wonderful blog.

The writer of Grubbin’ Pugs is the owner of two great little pugs, Sunny and Rosy, and often cooks for herself throughout the week. Her readers are then treated to yummy sounding recipes with a picture to match, kindly modeled by her two pooches.

grubbin pugs3

The writer started cooking for herself more when she realised she was eating out a little too often, and does stress that she is not a cook by any means, but she simply takes recipes shes finds and makes them her own, while making them very easy to follow and fuss free. What’s not too love?

The writer, or Funaek, as she is known, cooks a huge range of hearty and delicious looking meals, including Asian dishes, pasta, salads, soups, mexican and more. All with a good hit of chili or pepper. And always make sure they pass the pug sniff test before digging in.

grubbin pugs2

Don’t worry about Sunny or Rosy, Funaek never gives her pugs any of the food she cooks, as most of it contains onions, as well as herbs and spices, which can be dangerous if dogs ingest them. But neither do they go hungry, Funaek always makes sure they get a doggy treat after having human food waved in front of them and dutifully posing for the photos.

grubbin pugs5

If you’re in the mood for getting your cute pug fix and your cooking muscles flexing at the same time, then we suggest you pay a visit to Funaek over at Funaek also posts great illustrations of her life with two pugs over at

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